Sweet and Southern – Coming Soon!


The South.

A place that gets in your blood and stays forever.

A place full of history, lazy summer afternoons, cotton fields, bonfires, barbecue, football, friends and family.

There are so many words that could describe the South.

So many memories and stories that could be told.

In reality, the southern states have their own culture – unlike anything else in the world.

Many people tend to stereo-type us:




Narrow minded.

Southern Baptists.


These generalizations often prevent people from seeing the beauty of Southern culture.

So prepare yourselves!

Over the next few weeks I will be taking you on a journey: a journey down dirt roads, through the cotton fields, across the creek, over the railroad tracks, through the states, and back in time.

To many of you this journey will be like reliving yesterday. To others it will be as strange to you as traveling in a foreign land.

But to me, it’s home. So pull up a chair, pour you a glass of sweet iced tea, and get ready to sit a spell. I’ve got a lot of stories to tell.

Welcome to my home, y’all.